5 Foods To Never Eat In Your Life

Our nutritional and culinary habits are partially dictated by the modern trends of our society. We have multiple cooking channels, thousands of culinary websites and lots of dietitians and nutritionists who endorse various foods as being healthy. This information overload makes it very difficult to know what to eat and what to stay away from. […]

The Benefits of Probiotics to the Aging Population

Every one of us dreams of aging gracefully. However, this is not always the case. With aging comes a degenerative change in the body leading to mild disability and functional impairment. Age-related diseases are caused by several factors such as heredity, lifestyle, diet, infection, environmental condition, and the likes. Physiological deterioration in the geriatric population […]

Cordyceps – The Root of Life

Cordyceps is a powerful tonic that gives the body vigor and vitality. The health benefits of Cordyceps were first made international headlines in the year 1993. During such time, the female Chinese runners were given Cordyceps, and their athletic performance has significantly improved. As a matter of fact, these Chinese runners decimated world records in […]